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The Nifty Fifties

The Nifty Fifties

It's Peggy Sue's birthday. She's turning sweet sixteen. She and her steady Johnathon E. Good have a date at the diner to celebrate. But things turn sour when Peggy and John E. discover someone's stolen his father's brand new Shavy El Domino. Will their paranoid Etiquette teacher Miss Molly and the other not so nifty 50's misfits help him recover it before his father finds out? Or will John E. "The Bee" Good learn a lesson he'll never forget?

The Nifty Fifties is a 1950s non-murder mystery set in a diner. A fully-scripted mystery, complete with guest star appearances and music suggestions. Perfect for a large group birthday party.

Characters include:

  • Jonathon E. Good - The Boy-Next-Door
  • Maybelle Lean - The Waitress at the Diner
  • Peggy Sue - The Birthday Girl
  • Moana Leesa - The Beatnik
  • Mack Heath - The Greaser
  • Miss Molly - The High School Teacher
  • Mary-Lynn Mudrow - The Bomb-Shell
  • James Steen - The Wild One

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Nora Louise Syran
For 15+ players (large group)

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  • Host Instructions
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  • Character Descriptions
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  • Print-able Invitations
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