Mystery of the Howling Noises

Mystery of the Howling Noises

Sam's Uncle Geoff is on an extended vacation in Europe. He has asked his sister-in-law, Meg, to move in with her family to watch his house in his absence. He told her that strange things have been happening there over the past six weeks or less, and he didn't want the house empty. He didn't elaborate on the strange happenings.

After being there for about a week, during which time, nothing out of the ordinary was noticed, except some weird howling winds in the woods behind the house, Meg agreed to let Sam host an overnight. Sam and some friends decided that tenting in the backyard woods would be fun, even to cooking their own supper on the grill.

For ages 9 to 12, with the assistance of 3 adults or teen-agers who play a part in the script. The party can be done either as a sleep over or a non-sleep over party. Available in three different scripts: 5, 8, or 10 girls, 10 boys, or co-ed with 2 boys and 2 girls and 6 either gender (non-sleep over).

Published By: SimpliFun Studios
For 5 to 10 players

Additional Information

Printable Party Package Includes:

  • Personalized invitations and thank you cards
  • Guest profiles to explain the characters in the story
  • Mystery party activity guide filled with party planning instructions and games to make you a successful mystery party host
  • Mystery party script
  • Game materials and party activities
  • Room decorations, ancestor portraits and room signs
  • T-shirt iron-on graphics (you print on transfer paper from your craft store, no special printer required)
  • Dinner recipes

This game is available as a PDF download or on CD-ROM.

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