Slaughter at the Circus

Slaughter at the Circus

Skewered to the wheel of death! That is how knife throwing assistant Jacques was found this morning in the Big Top at Slaughter's Circus. While in front of his spread-eagled corpse lay Jade Edge, the knife thrower herself. Unconscious, and with her breath smelling of gin. Has a practice session gone terribly wrong? Or is there a more sinister explanation?

Sam Slaughter, Owner and Ringmaster of Slaughter's circus, believes the latter. Ten circus performers are deemed to be particularly suspicious, and Sam has summoned them to an impromptu enquiry.

Slaughter at the Circus is a tale of sabotage, stolen diamonds, insatiable passion, lions, red noses, tarot, wildebeest carcasses and more!

Published By: MerryMurder
Written By: Tim Morrell
For 13 to 18 players

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  • Coco, 39 - Womanising, Cowardly, Illiterate Clown
  • Ermintrude, 28 - Cheerful, Smiling, To good to be true Clown
  • Gigi Giddiup, 25 - Alluring, Oversexed, Manipulative Bareback Rider
  • Herman, 42 - Gambling, Brooding, Butter-Fingered Trapeze Catcher
  • Jade Edge, 38 - Frustrated, Careworn, Heavy Drinking Knife Thrower
  • Lulubelle, 21 - Vain, Fiery, Beautiful, French Trapeze Star
  • Ma Potter, 62 - Maternal, Opportunistic, Death Predicting Fortune Teller
  • Madam Titian, 36 - Intelligent, Professional, Secretive Illusionist
  • Sam Slaughter, 45 - Owner and Ringmaster of Slaughter's Circus
  • Stud Strong, 36 - Jealous, Slow-Witted, Impotent Strongman
  • The Great Leonardo, 50 - Blunt, Temperamental, German Lion Tamer

Deluxe Version Contents:

  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 18 Invitations & Invitation Envelopes
  • 1 Sam Slaughter Chief Investigator Booklet
  • 10 Suspect Character Booklets with Scripts
  • 8 Clue Objects
  • 3 Mystery Witness Statements
  • 3 Question Packs
  • 1 Confession
  • Character Name Labels

This game is available in email-only, economy, and deluxe versions. Refer to for details.

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