The King is Dead: A Night in Sin City

The King is Dead: A Night in Sin City

The Grand Cinema Hotel in Las Vegas is holding a special night for high rollers. Everyone has sauntered through the casino and into the theatre for a swanky show. The music starts, a spotlight comes on, and the curtain rises. The hotel's very own Elvis stands, mic in hand ready to perform when a shot echoes through the dark hall. Elvis falls. It takes a moment for the crowd to realize this isn't part of the act, but when they finally do they know they've all become suspects.

A standard-format murder mystery based in present-day Las Vegas.

Characters include:

  • Stevie Marino aka Elvis
  • Teddi Baxter aka Marilyn
  • Anthony Capezio - The Casino Boss
  • Sundance Sue aka Susan Capezio
  • Bud Waters - The Bouncer
  • Swoozie Waters - Escort
  • Fannie May - Dancer
  • Charlie Marr - Director

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Ronee Knoche
For 6 to 8 players

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