The Rubber Chicken Caper

The Rubber Chicken Caper

The Robber brothers, owners of the Robber Rubber Chicken Company (makers of fine novelty goods) are found dead in their island mansion. Only 8 people could have done it. Do you have what it takes to figure out this mystery?

The game is packed with humor as well as fun, but at the core is a real mystery that is tricky and challenging. Each player is given a Character Packet which provides background information on the character they are going to portray, and a cassette tape is played which sets up a murder mystery. From that point on, people question each other and everyone tries to figure out who did it. The game includes physical evidence which is critical to solving the crime. One of the eight guests is a murderer, and this person tries to avoid detection while everyone else tries to figure out whodunit.

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For 8 players

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  • Jenkins Jenkins - Loyal English butler.
  • Dr. Rex Kilpatient - Percival's personal doctor.
  • Tony "The Knife" Rigatoni - No one is quite sure why he's on the island.
  • Tom Peeper - The Robber Rubber Chicken Company's lawyer.
  • Genevieve La Vamp - Dash Robber's jilted lover.
  • Mary Maide - The brothers' young maid.
  • Cookie Dabooks - Accountant for Robber Rubber Chicken Company.
  • Ruby Robber - The brother's niece and only surviving relative.

Deluxe Version Contents:

  • 8 invitations to mail to your guests.
  • 1 Cassette tape to set the scene and guide you along (printed version as well).
  • 8 Character Packets which contain information for each of your guests.
  • 4 evidence baggies containing physical evidence your guests will want to examine. These include the two torn playing cards found on the dead bodies, a buffalo nickel, and an interesting letter found folded up in Percival's pocket.
  • Other supporting materials, including a map of the island, a floor plan of the house, a timeline of events, etc.
  • Name tags for your guests with their character's name.
  • Instructions for the host

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