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Playa del Loco, Love Boat Style

Playa del Loco, Love Boat Style

Sunny Daze has done everything she can to keep her struggling travel agency afloat. Travel websites have lured away all but her most loyal customers. Without the customer volume she once boasted, she just can't compete with the online discounted prices. Desperate to reclaim customers, Sunny promotes an exclusive cruise package traveling to Playa del Loco, an all-inclusive beach resort in Mexico. Traveltown.com can't possibly cut into her sales because she made up the destination. There is no such beach! Sunny sells out the voyage. However, it doesn't take long for the crew and passengers to realize that they're headed to a bogus destination. The crew is outraged; friends are hurt that Sunny tricked them too. Right after the ship sets sail, a scream and a splash is heard. Sunny has been thrown overboard. It's up to the passengers to figure out who pushed her over the edge.

This is a fun, large group mystery where the murder is 'just a big misunderstanding'. The cruise ship theme accommodates parties from teens to college to corporate. Team building options are easily incorporated. A pool is helpful for the "scream and splash" scene, but not necessary.

Characters include:

  • Sunny Daze - Owner of Great Break-Aways Travel Agency
  • Wendy Knight - Sunny's Business Partner
  • Larry Vespuci - Geography Teacher
  • Ace Marlin - Scuba Instructor
  • Jacky Starr - Casino Manager
  • Simon Richards - Aerobic Instructor
  • Merrill Perry - Ship's Captain
  • Tiffany Gates - Venture Capitalist

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Megan Kelly
For 15+ players (large group)

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