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A Murder in Provence

A Murder in Provence

Pierre Deluge returned home to find he was not at all welcome. Perhaps someone, the Butcher? the Baker? the Barman? should have warned him he had reached a 'dead end,' because he is dead, very dead. There's more to this quaint Provenšal village than the sweet scent of lavender. The place reeks of intrigue.

A modern day murder mystery party for 9-12 guests set in the French countryside.

Characters include:

  • Pierre Deluge - The Victim
  • Henri Dufour - The Baker
  • Marie-Francoise Dufour - The Baker's Wife
  • Thomas Tromper - The Barman
  • Claudette Tromper - The Barman's Daughter
  • Inspector Flic - The Inspector
  • Clemence Demence - The Flower Seller
  • Remi Boucher - The Butcher
  • Renée Boucher -The Butcher's Wife
  • Claude Meunier - The Miller
  • Marguerite Meunier - The Miller's Wife
  • Jacques Chomeur - The Boules Champion
  • Bernard Bonbuveur - The Winemaker

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Nora Louise Syran
For 9 to 12 players

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