Death On The Mound

Death On The Mound

In 1944, good baseball players were in short supply as men served their country as part of the war effort, and women stepped in to fill the rosters of America's Game. When the "Boston Odd Sox" were playing the "Chicago Cheeky Chicks", Petticoat Peterson is been found dead on the pitcher's mound.

The Odd Sox are suspected, but there are other possibilities, including Cheeky Chicks teammates, fans, managers, and gamblers. Find out who really did it.

This mystery is perfect for baseball team parties and other large parties. It is very flexible and it has roles for up to 50 guests. It is an interactive kit where you obtain information by talking to other guests about your clues rather than reading clues out loud to the whole group.

Published By: Merri Mysteries
For 12 to 50 players

Additional Information

Party Kit Contains the Following:

  • Host's Guide
  • Party planning ideas
  • Invitations on which you can enter your party details before printing
  • Clue booklets for each main character
  • "Who Did It?" solution

This game is available in either standard (12-16 guests) or "meet and mingle" (17-50 guests) formats. Your party kit is supplied as Adobe Acrobat files via download and email and are available immediately after purchase.

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