Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part

You're invited to the wedding party of the year! 'Til Death Do Us Part is a murder mystery dinner party game for 8-10 players. Grand Cayman's high society is gathered at the Wedding Bells Reception Hall (i.e. your place) to celebrate the whirlwind marriage of the most eligible bachelor on the island. Millionaire playboy, Blaine Barnacle is a member of one of Cayman's most prominent families. His mysterious fiancée, Bitsy Fleecer, has a shady past and plenty of secrets. When a body is discovered in the wine cellar, can the wedding guests work together to expose the killer before the police and the tabloid reporters arrive? There are so many suspects and so many motives, that it will take a super sleuth to solve this mystery!

Was it the rum fortune heiress or the island beauty queen? Perhaps the hippie yoga instructor or the suave gigolo had something to do with the murder. Could the groom or his father be the killer? What is the wedding singer from Las Vegas hiding? The wedding coordinator is also acting suspicious! Is that handsome dive master involved or is he just here for a free dinner? There's also a society gossip columnist snooping around this party. Watch what you say to her, or your name might be in the newspaper tomorrow!

Published By: Dinner Games
For 8 to 10 players

Additional Information

The Guests

  • Blaine Barnacle - The groom

  • Stuffy Barnacle - Father of the groom

  • Tiara Sparkle - Caymanian beauty queen

  • Buffy Tortuga - Maid of honor and local debutante

  • Newton Polyester - The wedding singer from Las Vegas

  • Wicket Ashworth - Professional croquet player and island gigolo

  • Heavenly Meadows - Hippie commune yoga instructor and sister of the bride

  • The Wedding Coordinator - a celebrity darling hired to plan the perfect wedding

Extra Guests / Non-Suspects

  • Chatty Bodden-Ebanks - A society gossip columnist

  • Steve Snapper - A local dive master

This Game Includes:

  • Everything you'll need to play a 2-3 hour dinner party game
  • 10 Party invitations and envelopes
  • 11 crime scene clues
  • Party Planning Booklet with a sample Caribbean menu
  • 10 player nametags
  • 10 Player's Booklets with background information and costume suggestions

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