Freeform Games

Freeform Games

Freeform Games offers murder mystery party games with a difference!

Murder mystery games from Freeform Games put you in the middle of the action. Thre is no predetermined script to read out, and you're not force-fed a background - you can't even be sure how the game will end. That's up to you.

But Freeform Games does give you your detailed character background in advance, as well as goals and contacts - and secrets. You will decide who to talk to, who to trust - and who to betray. You may know who your friends are. Or you may only think you know who your friends are. But you won't really know until the chips are down. And that makes all the difference!

Games From Freeform Games

A Dead Man's Chest
All at Sea
Arabian Nights
Bludgeoned on Broadway
Casino Fatale
Court in the Act
Curse of the Pharaoh
Davy Jones' Locker
Dazzled to Death
Death on the Gambia
Halloween Lies
Happy Birthday R.J.
Hollywood Lies
Lei'd to Rest
Snow Business
The Karma Club
The Night Before Christmas
The Spy Who Killed Me
Under the Big Top
Way Out West
Who Shot the Sheriff