What Does a Mystery Party Kit Contain?

This, of course, varies from kit to kit. The description pages for most of the murder mystery dinner party kits listed on this site show what each kit contains (for any that don't, please click through to the vendor's web site).

However, in general, typical contents include:

  • A Host Guide which will give the party host background and an overview of the party, as well as any additional information the host will need to organize the event.
  • Invitations for your party guests.
  • Character Decriptions, including short biographies, motivations, and other background information.
  • Name Tags so that you guests can identify each other.
  • Crime Data such as police or coroner reports
  • Costume Suggestions - Not essential, but can be fun, and can add to the atmosphere of the game.
  • Menu Suggestions - Parties are often built around a particular theme, and having the right food and drink can help to create the right mood. Many kits include specific recipes.
  • Prop Suggestions - Optional, but can add to the fun. Some kits include things such as play money that the participants can use during the game.
  • The Solution - Whodunnit?

Kits will typically contain everything you need to organize and run the party. However, not every kit will contain every item, and some kits may contain additional items.

Boxed kits will typically contain preprinted material, ready to be used immediately. Downloadable kits will contain electronic files which you'll need to print out and/or fold and staple.

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