Murder One

Murder One

Murder One is Britain's premier murder mystery company, providing you with the perfect murder for your corporate events or private parties.

Murder One provides events which are interactive, yet participants are not asked to 'role-play' - Murder One's team of professional actors will form the rogues gallery of suspects!

Your Murder Mystery will be individually tailored to suit your needs, including your time requirements. They stage daytime, evening, overnight and full weekend events. Your WhoDunnit would be based around a fictitious event that causes the 'suspects' and guests to be at your chosen venue. As the event unfolds, arguments and threats will be observed, which will be the prelude to murder...

Guests are encouraged to follow, eavesdrop and question the characters, and an intriguing array of visual clues will be displayed in an incident room. At the conclusion of the event, those wishing to sum up their case are invited to do so before all is revealedů

Location: United Kingdom

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