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The Troubled Teens Riddle

The Troubled Teens Riddle

The six teens in "Group Reliance" at Camp Greenwood, a wilderness camp for struggling teens, have just completed a few days of orientation, made friends with their three instructors, and are preparing for their first overnight wilderness expedition. A series of perplexing events begins with the discovery of a locked box, which someone has stuffed under the porch of the activities building. Who is hiding what? The mystery only deepens when more bizarre items turn up around camp...

Your older teenage sleuths will really enjoy getting into character at this non-murder mystery game set in a wilderness camp for "troubled" teens! Three of the characters are instructors and can be played by adults. There are puzzles to solve and clues to identify, with a surprise ending! Your guests enact some well-known types: the rich brat, the goth, the jock, Miss Popularity, and others, all with their own secrets and problems. Although some of the difficult topics today's teens often face are mentioned, none of the characters have done anything serious, and the solution is just plain fun.

Characters include:

  • Apple Primrose - Camper, Brooke's twin
  • Bramble Blakberd - Camper
  • Brooke Primrose - Camper, Apple's twin
  • Dale Highker - Camper
  • Moss Underhill - Camp Counselor
  • Rae Trailblazer - Camp Counselor
  • River Sonnenschein - Camper
  • Robin Verdant - Camper
  • Woodsy Alder - Camp Counselor

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Ullie Emigh
For 9 players

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