The Porthole Affair

The Porthole Affair

The Time: 1935

The Place: RMS Olympic, the Titanic's sister-ship, bound for New York.

The Murder: A death served up at dinner followed by a suicide! Seems cut and dried...but is it?

The Scene: Over the course of a dinner party you must unravel the mystery and solve this intriguing whodunnit! You and your guests will each play the part of one of the suspects, sharing information and hiding guilty secrets as you decide who dun the dastardly deed!

The Suspects:

  • Angeline Desguys: The daughter
  • Eamon Etonian: The butler
  • Irma Patsy: The secretary
  • Esau Hytall: The emigre
  • Toby O'Notably: The long-lost son
  • Dawn Trodden: The maid
  • Edward 'Ed' Butte: The manservant
  • Enid Ann Hallaby: The companion

This thrilling Murder Mystery Evening is a battle of wits and cunning in which you'll vie to out-sleuth each other as you seek to solve the case and reveal the monstrous murderer in your midst!

Published By: Cheatwell Games
For 8 players

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Additional Information


  • Invitations to send to your guests
  • Host's Guide with dinner menu
  • Character Guide Books for 6 players
  • CD with the investigation & solution
  • Place cards/Lapel badges

Each of the titles in the "Murder Mystery Evening" games is a complete night's entertainment in one box. All you need to add are friends and food. All of the games provide great opportunities for you and your guests to dress-up, get into character, and really 'ham-it-up' as you try to figure out who-dun-it!

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