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The Immortal Murders

The Immortal Murders

It is time for the Hidden Councils Annual Costume Ball. This is the social event of the year. The Royalty of the Mage Guild, Were Clans, Vampyr Houses and Fae Court will be in attendance. As always when the Immortal Courts gather you can expect political intrigue, barbed innuendos, backstabbing and betrayal. Not much different than any other day for them.

It is whispered that there will be a special meeting of the Hidden Council at the Costume Ball to address the recent Watcher murders. Watchers are important to the Immortals and help keep their existence hidden from humanity. The Immortals in turn have sworn to protect the Watchers for their service.

In this game there are 5 hidden Artifact Weapon Cards. Guests receive riddles that contain clues to where the weapons are hidden, then it is a race to see who finds a weapon. The weapons can only be used once & no one can commit murder without a weapon card. These are very valuable commodities, as are the Spell Cards that the guests receive during the evening, and that provide a lot of entertainment.

Published By: Dinner and a Murder Mystery
Written By: Mary Lee Ferrin & Andrew Boxall
For 8 to 20 players

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Additional Information

This Game Includes:

  • Character Booklets which contain a guest list, instructions, character backgrounds
  • Character Confidential Booklet - contains secrets, knowledge and things to do
  • Host Guide Booklet
  • Guest List Worksheet (to use for assigning guests to characters)
  • Weapon Card System (A Scavenger Hunt for Weapons)
  • Invitations
  • Name Tags
  • Full Size Evidence
  • Game Money (for all those nefarious schemes)
  • Evidence Presentation
  • Solution
  • Whodunit Cards & Worksheet
  • Party Graphics
  • Certificates for Best Actor, Best Costume, Super Sleuth, and Wealthiest Player

This game is available in either an instant-download version, or in a professionally boxed & mailed kit containing EVERYTHING for your party.

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