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Death By Chocolate

Death By Chocolate

Madeline Corman is hosting her daughters bachelorette party at the very exclusive Lady Godivas Day Spa. This is a chocolate lovers dream come true. Guests will experience body treatments made from the finest chocolates, while indulging in the most delicious and exotic chocolate treats.

Chastity Corman, daughter and sole heir of the Majestic Confectionary fortune is about to marry Miles Belvedere. Miles is the sole heir to the Belvedere Ship fortune. This marriage will create a true dynasty... if it takes place!

Death By Chocolate is a game for 8-16 women with an optional 5 male characters. This kit is great for hen parties, bachelorette parties, pampering parties and events where there are a lot of women and a few men. Includes a free Chocolate Spa Recipes Booklet which you can use to make spa treatments and/or print and give to your guests as a gift!

Note: You are NOT required to give spa treatments of any kind. This is optional!

Published By: Dinner and a Murder Mystery
Written By: Mary Lee Ferrin
For 8 to 21 players

Sorry, but this game is not available at this time.

Additional Information

This Game Includes:

  • Character Booklets which contain a guest list, instructions, character backgrounds
  • Character Confidential Booklet - contains secrets, knowledge and things to do
  • Host Guide Booklet
  • Guest List Worksheet (to use for assigning guests to characters)
  • Weapon Card System (A Scavenger Hunt for Weapons)
  • Invitations
  • Name Tags
  • Full Size Evidence
  • Game Money (for all those nefarious schemes)
  • Evidence Presentation
  • Solution
  • Whodunit Cards & Worksheet
  • Chocolate Spa Recipe Booklet
  • Party Graphics
  • Certificates for Best Actor, Best Costume, Super Sleuth, and Wealthiest Player

This game is available in either an instant-download version, or in a professionally boxed & mailed kit containing EVERYTHING for your party.

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