A Texas Tragedy

A Texas Tragedy

Texas Todd, general manager and program director of KRUD Radio, is found murdered and the key citizens of the small Texas Town of Triumphant are now all suspects. The Sheriff has asked that all suspects gather at KRUD Radio to discuss their alibis and learn more about Texas Todd and their relationships with him. With a little luck, they might be able to learn enough to crack the case.

A Texas Tragedy is a simple to use murder mystery for 8-12 people. It's a great way to move a party, have lots of fun and entertain your guests. A Texas-Size mystery that will keep your guests guessing, this game is great for a backyard barbeque!

Characters include:

  • Abilene Alice - Town Busybody
  • Austin Annie - Sales Manager for KRUD Radio
  • Beaumont Bella - Brothel Owner and Manager
  • Corpus Christi Jesus - Traveling Spiritual Leader
  • Dallas Don - Attorney and Political Activist
  • Galveston Gary - Oil Tycoon
  • Houston Hannah - Socialite
  • Laredo Luke - Sportscaster for KRUD Radio
  • Lubbock Lonny - Musician
  • San Antonio Rose - DJ for KRUD Radio
  • Texas Todd - Victim
  • Tyler Tom - Town Mayor
  • Waco Wanda - Restaurant Owner

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Betsy Francis
For 8 to 12 players

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