Why Host a Murder Mystery Party?

A Murder Mystery Party is an interactive game played by a group of people at some sort of event or get-together. As the name implies, the game is built around a mystery of some kind, usually (but not always) a murder. The game involves the solving of the mystery by the party guests, each of whom is usually a suspect, and one of whom is the murderer.

As in any party game, the purpose is two-fold: First, to have fun! Second, to provide a way for people to get to know each other.

Often, if party guests don't already know each other, they may find it difficult to interact (particularly if some of your guests are naturally shy or reserved). A game is a great way to "break the ice" and give everyone a chance to participate in the occasion. Since the action in a mystery party game is focused on the solving of the mystery, people will feel less self-conscious and freer to interact.

You'll find a mystery party game to be a wonderful way to organize an enjoyable and memorable event.

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