What Types of Murder Mystery Parties Are Available?

There are a number of different types of games, each appropriate for different numbers of people, different occasions, or different audiences:

  • For large parties or corporate events, a commercial event planner is often a wise choice. Their experience in running large events will ensure that your event proceeds smoothly, with no embarrassing awkward moments or glitches. Many event planners can provide amateur or professional actors to improve the quality of key performances, and to draw people into the game. Many event planners can also assist with the logistics of a large event, such as catering.

  • For smaller or more intimate gatherings, a mystery party kit, either of the retail boxed variety, or a downloadable version, can help you to organize your event and make it a success. These kits are often organized around a dinner party, and contain everything you need to plan and produce your event, including scripts, menus, invitations, and more.

  • If you want to leave all of the planning and cooking for someone else, a mystery dinner theater is a good choice. These events are typically open to the public at large (though private performances can usually be arranged), and feature a cast of professional performers and a buffet-style dinner. The level of interactivity varies from productions to production, with some tending closer to plays, and others offering a great deal of audience participation. The venues for these productions also varies, and may take place at a theater, on a train, riverboat, or cruise ship, or be hosted at a hotel or bed-and-breakfast inn.

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