Shot In The Dark Mysteries

Shot In The Dark Mysteries

A Shot In The Dark Mystery Game is the perfect solution to planning a party Amidst Your Hectic Lifestyle. We've got the do-it-yourself murder mystery games and kid-friendly, all-ages mystery games you're looking for to make your next party an instant hassle-free success!

We are not interested in giving you a ho-hum party, or even a great party. We're only interested in giving you a party that receives Nothing Less Than Rave Reviews from your guests. The kind of party that People Still Talk About years from now - that others can only Wish they threw - and those unable to attend will know they missed something Truly Special.

Our Unique "Red Eye, Green Eye" instructions are a first in the industry,and ensure the mystery remains a mystery for everyone, including the host! Turn-based mystery games are perfect for beginners or your next dinner party. Interactive mystery games get your guests off their seats and into the plot and Interrogation mystery games test your sleuthing skills - the accusations will fly!

By following the Step By Step Instructions included in your Game Materials, you will open a door to a Vault of mystery and intrigue you'll never forget!

Games From Shot In The Dark Mysteries

High School Mystery!