Mr. Reach in the Mouth of Mystery

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Mr. ReachMr Reach in The Mouth Of Mystery is an advergame from Johnson & Johnson Canada. The game stars Mr. Reach, a character with a flip-top head (from Reach toothbrush commercials of the 1980s and early 90s, apparently, though I don’t remember them), who must travel around the world to find his missing friend, Jerry the Narrator.

Mr. Reach stumbles upon a long-lost story of forbidden love that time has forgotten. As he travels, he unlocks a series of clues and the story of a Parisian noble-woman in love with a pirate and her father’s attempts to thwart their marriage begins to unfold. But who are these ancient lovers, and what do they have to do with Jerry’s mysterious disappearance?

Mr. Reach’s travels take him from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Quebec City and Nova Scotia, then across the ocean to Paris and Venice, and finally to the Caribbean island of Aruba. As the mystery unravels, Mr. Reach must rely on his collection of Reach products to polish tarnished clues, reach out-of-the-way items, and unlock hidden enclaves.

You can register at the site to enter some sort of contest (though this seems to be open only to Canadians) or play as a guest.

The game itself is a fun point-and-click affair with nice graphics and sound. Though the game is short, and the puzzles are simple, the story is reasonable absorbing, and it’s worth playing through just to see how it turns out.

I still don’t know what this has to do with a toothbrush, though …

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