Who Did It?

Who Did It?

Who Did It? is a thrilling murder mystery board game in which players on a train (the "Oriental Express") race from carriage to carriage seeking clues, swapping information and finding missing pieces to the puzzle. Each player adopts a different detective's identity as you race to discover Who Did It? The game includes a uniquely-designed playing board which assembles into a 4-foot train.

Sharpen your pencils and prepare to test your wits. In a roller coaster ride aboard the Oriental Express, as a crime has been committed which only you can solve! Play the role of a famous detective - you could be Sheerluck Homes or Ivan Inkling!

Instant family fun, this captivating board game will thrill and entertain you as you rush to reveal who it was that dun the dastardly deed!

Published By: Cheatwell Games
For 3 to 6 players

Additional Information


  • Steam train game board
  • counters
  • pencils
  • mystery card deck
  • score pad
  • die
  • rules

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