Time Stand Still

Time Stand Still

English detective Carol Reed has arrived and settled into her new apartment in Sweden. In a blink, she`s caught up in a messy chain of events dating back to World War II. Solve a 60-year-old murder case by visiting homes decorated with realistic dolls, knick-knacks, and photos. Collect items and store them in an inventory feature in Time Stand Still. Will Carol crack the case in this point-and-click murder mystery?

Time Stand Still is the third installment in the Carol Reed series, though there's no need to have played the previous games to enjoy Time Stand Still. The game contains no violence or foul language, and is suitable for ages 11 and up.

  • Point-and-click Adventure
  • 100% mouse driven point-and-click gameplay
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Solve a 60-year-old mystery!
  • A wide variety of luminous environments and unusual characters
  • Get the Strategy Guide

Published By: Merscom

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