Three of a Crime

Three of a Crime

Calling all detectives! A gang of thieves has just been nabbed, but only three members actually committed the crime. Using keen eyes, quick thinking and deduction, try to figure out who's part of the guilty trio.

Was it Loose-Eye Lenny, Kid Cassidy and Pencil Top? Or was it Louie St. Louis, Jonny Cortex and No Neck Nick? The first to name the right three suspects is the master sleuth.

Everyone loves a good whodunit and Three of a Crime is the perfect game to play when you're in the mood to solve a mystery in a short amount of time. As you figure out who's on the eyewitness's card, you'll be employing such brain-building skills as logic and deductive reasoning. Hint: Like in solving a real life crime, don't make an accusation until you can prove that the suspects are guilty without a shadow of doubt!

Published By: Gamewright
For 2 to 6 players

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Additional Information


  • 35 Suspect Cards
  • 20 Numbered Tokens (seven zeroes, eight ones, and five twos)
  • Instructions (English & Spanish)


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • Dr. Toy's Best Product Award Winner
  • National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • Parents' Choice Approved
  • Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council *** (Highest Rating)

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