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Sinking Island

Sinking Island

Walter Jones, a billionaire, is found dead at the bottom of a huge Art Deco tower that he had built on a tropical island. The hotel that he had hoped to turn into a holiday resort for the international jet set turned out to be his last resting place.

You play the role of inspector Jack Norm, who is asked to find the truth behind the death of Walter Jones. The only suspects are 10 people who were on the island at the time. While a storm is raging, you have three days to find out the truth behind this mysterious death. Is it an accident or a premeditated murder? Which of the ten people on the island at the time of the death might have reason to want Walter Jones dead?

It's a race against time - as a storm rages, the tower is progressively sinking into the water. You only have 3 days to clear up this affair before all clues and the guilty party disappears forever.

Published By: Encore Software
Requires: Windows Vista / XP

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Additional Information

  • The new game by Benoit Sokal - the master of point & click adventure returns to the universe that earned him a reputation as a major comic book author - Detective stories!
  • Sumptuous decors - from the idyllic beaches to the exaggerated proportions of this extravagant tower, discover a rich environment and great graphics
  • A heart-racing scenario - hate, resentment, treason and intrigue on a tropical island.
  • A Noir novel in a video game - the game is divided into ten simple questions that you have to answer one after the other to make headway in the investigation.
  • A full and accessible enquiry solving system - thanks to your personal assistant, you can confront the different suspects, compare their statements to evidence and move on in the enquiry by using your sense of deduction.


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