Post Mortem

Post Mortem

Paris in the 20's. A retired American private detective, Mac Pherson, is hired by a mysterious yet sensuous lady, Sophia Blake, to find out who murdered her sister and her brother-in-law, the Whytes. The beheaded couple were killed in a mysterious ritual way in one of Paris most luxurious hotel.

In this rich and intriguing adventure, Mac Pherson will soon discover a world where bloody murders are committed according to ancestral mystic beliefs. It will be his most mysterious case yet.

Published By: Dreamcatcher Interactive
Requires: Windows 98 or later, CD-ROM

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Additional Information

Features include:

  • A script worthy of a real thriller
  • 20 different characters each with individual personalities, all involved with the investigation.
  • Dark, moody and paranormal atmosphere faithfully reproducing Paris during the 20's (café's, bistros, hotels, abandoned metro stations, houses and flats).
  • True to its film noir roots, the mood of the game is filled with nuances, enigmatic characters, bloody murders, and the entire action-taking place at night...
  • A flexible dialogue engine allowing the player to vary the emotional content of a question affecting the story and how the player interacts with the characters. This system, combined with a lip-synch sub-system and cut scenes, will bring an unprecedented level of realism to the game.


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