Mystery Detective

Mystery Detective

Mystery Detective clues you into the secrets and techniques that real Sherlocks use to undercover a case. Everyone loves a good mystery, but the fun is in finding out who did it.

With Mystery Detective you use forensic science to solve eight crimes and mysteries. Examine DNA prints and fingerprints, investigate a crime scene, analyze evidence through scientific testing, learn how to identify mysterious substances, perform chromatography, and use litmus paper to test for acids and bases. Investigate crime scene clues, identify suspects, and analyze motives create your own mysteries for friends to solve.

Published By: Scientific Explorer

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  • Mystery Pens
  • Mystery Powders
  • Mystery Liquid Bottles
  • Litmus Paper
  • Testing Tray
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Mystery Game Board
  • Character Card Sheet
  • Mystery Card Sheet
  • DNA and Fingerprint Sheet
  • Chromatography Paper

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