Murdero: The Murder Mystery Card Game

Murdero: The Murder Mystery Card Game

Murdero is a rummy-style card game with a Film Noir flair! Players build their own case files by creating card sets numbered 1 through 5. There are three different case colors: red displaying the criminal underworld, blue depicting the film world, and green representing the political world. The more Case Cards in your set, the more points you score. The higher the card number, the fewer the cards (for example: there are not as many fives as there are ones); therefore as the game progresses, the tenser it becomes. Once a player creates a complete case file, he/she scores additional points, and everyone then tallies their scores. Any cards left in their hands are deducted from their accrued points. The first player to score 100 points is the winner!

Murdero is quickly and easily learned allowing for both friends and family to jump in. Gameplay resembles a combination of Rummy mixed with collectible card games where action cards that bend rules alter the run of play.

Put two decks together for 8 player fun or build your own combination to suit a quicker or higher scoring game.

Published By: D'Avekki Studios
For 2 to 4 players

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Additional Information

Includes the following:

  • 15 action cards (these change the rules of the game to hinder opponents or aid you)
  • 15 crime scene cards (the starting card for any case)
  • 12 victim cards (the unfortunate victims)
  • 9 evidence cards (evidence to tie things together)
  • 6 suspect cards (whodunit!)
  • 3 murder weapon cards (the final piece of the puzzle)
  • Instructions


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