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Murder She Wrote: Desktop Murder

Murder She Wrote: Desktop Murder

Arnold Myers, chauffeur to the rich & famous, was writing a tell-all book about all the things he heard and saw. But just before his book was completed, he was found dead - a probable suicide. Or was it? After reading his manuscript and seeing the crime scene, Murder She Wrote's Jessica Fletcher begins to piece together a different picture. Can you solve the crime as good ol' JB Fletcher did?

Read the short mystery story in the enclosed booklet, then assemble the 750 piece jigsaw puzzle. The mystery puzzle is different from the box cover image, making it a real treat for puzzle fiends and super sleuths! When completed, the puzzle will reveal the clues you need to solve the mystery story. The solution is printed on the back of the story booklet in reverse type - just hold it up to a mirror to find out if you were right! 750 piece puzzle measures 19" x 27" when complete.

Published By: Warren Industries

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