Murder Mystery Mansion

Murder Mystery Mansion

On a dark and stormy night, a man seeks shelter in an old mansion - and then he mysteriously vanishes. In Murder Mystery Mansion two teams of players take turns creating and solving mysteries. Each team will have to determine as quickly as possible who did it, how it was done, what the murderer's motive was, and exactly where the killing occurred. On its turn, a team will have 12 guesses to solve the mystery in an effort to move further up the steps to the 3-D mansion itself. Any of a cast of creepy culprits could have committed the horrific homicide. The quicker you solve the murder, the faster you win!

Put on your inspector cap and let the mystery begin! Play in teams to solve the mystery using simple deductive reasoning. You'll need to answer: Who did it? How they did do it? Why did they do it? And where it happened. For 2 or more players, ages 8 and up.

Contents of Murder Mystery Mansion:

  • 312 Cards
  • 3-D Mansion
  • 24 Guessing Tokens
  • 2 Scoring Pegs
  • Instructions

Published By: University Games

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