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Murder City

Murder City

You wake up to the sound of your cell buzzing in its network cradle. Out slips a little square of heat-printed fax paper with the name and address of a dead person. Murder is your business. You are a jovan, a freelance detective in an overcrowded megacity. In this dismal future of aliens, clones, robots and frightening technology, murder is rampant, the justice system is overwhelmed, and you make a career of catching killers.

Murder City is a strategy game for 2 to 5 players. You assume the role of a futuristic investigator, from hard-boiled detective to alien sleuth to company man. Your goal is to track down killers and prosecute them. The player to survive "the life" best and earn the most credits is the winner, the foremost jovan in the city.

While you investigate cases from the Murder Cards, use Legwork Cards to advance your own case or interfere in other players'. But don't get too deep into your work or you'll get Hardship Cards in this gritty, futuristic sci-fi, cyberpunk board game.

Published By: White Wolf Press
For 2 to 5 players

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Additional Information

This game includes:

  • 5 different detectives to play
  • 25 Murder Cards, the cases you investigate
  • 50 Legwork Cards, which advance your own cases or interfere in other players
  • 25 Hardship Cards, the ordeals you suffer from getting too deep into your work
  • All the dice you need to play

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