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Mr. Jack

Mr. Jack

1888 Whitechapel District, London. 00:25am.

As usual too much fog surrounds the British Kingdom.

Then a shout... As another victim falls prey to the notorious Jack the Ripper, as he has been dubbed.

Finally, not being able to endure this any longer 8 investigators come together to try and uncover the mystery of Mr. Jack. The question is: Can they uncover him before he strikes again, even when one amongst them really is the Assassin?

2 players with 8 characters. One of them runs a race against time, to uncover the truth of who the Ripper really is. While the other works to escape and deceive everyone from the fact that he is the shadow in the night that strangles these far from innocent women. With only one accusation throughout the whole game players need to pay close attention to who is in the shadows and who remains in the light.

Published By: Asmodee Editions
For 2 players

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Additional Information


  • 1 game board
  • 8 character tokens
  • 6 lit gaslight tiles
  • 2 covered manhole tiles
  • 1 witness/no-witness card
  • 2 police cordon tokens
  • 8 character cards
  • 1 turn-counter token
  • 8 alibi cards
  • rules (English, French, German, Dutch)

Mr. Jack was nominated for GAMES Magazine "Best Family Game" award in 2008, and won the "Best 2-Player Game" award in the 2007 International Gamers Awards.

Note: Mr. Jack is the international edition of "Une Ombre sur Whitechapel"


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