Missing: The 13th Victim is a gruesome point-and-click adventure that challenges your wites and your tolerance for blood. Hunt down the information and clues you need, to find the identity of a serial killer before it's too late. A madman's brutal killings have to be stopped and only have the skills & knowledge required to solve the mystery.

While investigating a string of gruesome serial murders committed by a maniacal killer known only as "The Phoenix," journalist Jack Lorski and his companion Karen Gijman disappear without a trace. Shortly after their disappearance, Jack's agency receives a disturbing CD-ROM containing footage he captured during his investigation and cryptic information about their abduction with instructions to release it to the public. Help us decipher the CD's contents quickly so that we can track this madman and ensure Jack and Karen's safe return.

Also includes the 13th Victim Expansion Pack and Bonus CD-ROM with the making of and behind the scenes video

Published By: Dreamcatcher Interactive
Requires: Windows 98 or later, CD-ROM

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Additional Information

Features include:

  • MISSING offers an innovative blend of Windows® game play and the internet to immerse players in this elaborate game of cat-and-mouse
  • Receive actual e-mail from virtual characters and The Phoenix himself offering important clues
  • Visit a wealth of real and fictitious Web sites created solely for the game to obtain valuable information vital to solving the case
  • Analyze video excerpts, photos, soundtracks, and piece together evidence to break the codes
  • Includes 13th Victim Expansion Pack and bonus CD-ROM with making-of video


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