Gumshoe Online

Gumshoe Online

With its "film noir" setting, gripping storylines and mind-bending puzzles, Gumshoe Online is the perfect game for fans of the crime and mystery genre and adventure gamers.

Gumshoe Online is a private detective game that transports the player to the crime-ridden streets of 1930's America, a time when everyone has something to hide. To succeed as a top private detective, players must explore locations, interview suspects, examine objects, uncover clues, solve puzzles and finally build a watertight case that ensures the guilty are punished.

Played using a standard web browser, Gumshoe Online is available to anyone with an Internet connection. Gumshoe Online will require all your powers of deduction to unravel a host of mysteries and find out who is the greatest online private detective.

Sorry, but this game is not available at this time.


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