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A murder mystery reaches the boiling point at Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, and you must stop the vicious killer before he claims another innocent victim. Are you ready for a murder mystery that only you can solve?

After you've built your case through discovery of evidence and establishment of motive, make your arrest. Just make sure you have the right man and he won't walk on a technicality. With forty different endings, Greystone is a murder mystery that will challenge you like never before.

Greystone is a work of Interactive Fiction where anything is possible and everything is worth a try. You are the detective and innocent people are counting on you to stop the relentless killer before he takes another life. Don't take too long to make an arrest or Greystone's killer may well discover your true identity and mark you as his next victim.

Greystone is an interactive crime fiction novel you can talk to in full English sentences. Murder mystery fans will savor every moment of this interactive crime fiction masterpiece. Because Greystone is an interactive murder mystery, you're not just the reader; you're the main character!

Published By: Malinche Entertainment
Written By: Howard Sherman
For 1 players

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