Found Lost

Found Lost

You are on your way to a party at a friend's house. Since you've never been there before, the directions you've gotten from other people about how to get there are all you have. Along the way, there is some construction blocking the road you needed to go down. Instead of listening to the voice inside you saying "turn back", you try going down another road. You really want to make it to this party.

But the road keeps getting darker and darker. Just when you decide to turn around and try another route, your car stalls. You try numerous times to get it started, but it refuses to turn over. Your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere, so grabbing your flashlight from the trunk, you head towards what looks like a house. You walk half a mile before you finally see the darkened edifice in front of you. You have a bad feeling in your gut, but what choice do you have?

You enter the mysterous dark house and you have to search the rooms of that house to find the items and clues for solving the mystery of what happened to the owner of the house.

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