Clue Suspects

Clue Suspects

Clue Suspects puts a single player in the shoes of a master sleuth! In order to narrow down your list of suspects, you will receive clever hints that suggest who goes where from the material on the Clue cards. Your challenge is to figure out "whodunit". Find the suspect who was at the scene and you've found the murderer!. You'll keep track of clues and test your deductions without pencil and paper.

Clue Suspects comes with 60 murder mystery Clue cards that range from rather easy to very difficult. Do you have what it takes to figure out "whodunit"? All of the Clue Suspects contents pack inside the plastic mansion making this game great for travel!

Published By: Winning Moves
For 1 players

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Additional Information

Includes the following:

  • 1 Plastic Clue Mansion with Stand-Up Base
  • 60 Clue Cards
  • 12 Plastic Suspect Pieces
  • 1 Reversable Room Board
  • Game Instructions

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