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Clue DVD Game

Clue DVD Game

The usual suspects are wreaking havoc at Tudor Mansion, and Scotland Yard needs your help! Can you crack the ten challenging interactive cases, plus unlimited others in the special bonus game?

The DVD brings you inside Tudor Mansion where Inspector Brown is waiting with information on events of the day. Ashe the Butler is also there, ready to share some clues of his own. Remember to stay alert! You never know what you'll find in a room or run across in a Secret Passage. Like classic Clue you'll make Suggestions, but in the DVD edition your Accusations are made secretly using the DVD. And keep that Red Reader close at hand... there are secrets in these cases and information you'll need to decipher.

Note: TV and DVD player required for play.

Published By: Parker Brothers
For 3 to 5 players

Available from eBay

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Additional Information

Includes the following:

  • Game board
  • DVD
  • 10 Suspect pawns
  • 4 plastic Padlocks
  • 42 cards
  • Rule book/Inspector's notebook
  • Red reader
  • Cluepad
  • Case file envelope


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