Clue Card Game - Mystery At Sea

Clue Card Game - Mystery At Sea

All the famous Clue suspects are on board Mr. Boddy's luxury yacht heading out to sea. One of them will die an unnatural death. Now you're on the case and need to discover what room of the yacht the murder occurred, which weapon was used, and who committed the heinous crime.

Just as in the board game Clue, you'll use a detective note sheet to track information. Action cards pace the game and provide a means to obtain clues. Be the first to figure out who, how, and where to solve the mystery and win the game!

Contents of Clue: The Card Game - Mystery at Sea:

  • 19 Suspect, Room, and Weapon Cards
  • 36 Action Cards
  • 7 Suspect Markers
  • Detective Notepad
  • 1 Yacht Board
  • Illustrated Rules

Published By: Winning Moves

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