CSI: Miami - The Crush

CSI: Miami - The Crush

Now fans of the hit TV show CSI Miami can take a crack at solving a case on their own! The body of a man in a tuxedo is discovered in the Florida Everglades, but he is almost impossible to identify because nearly every bone in his body has been broken. Do you have what it takes to be a Crime Scene Investigator? First, assemble the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle using only the crime scene blueprint. The puzzle image is not located anywhere on the box! Then, read the crime labs analysis of the evidence and your interviews with the prime suspects. Finally, with the clues from the puzzle and the interviews, use the code to solve the mystery. Its a Forensic Jigsaw Puzzle that will keep you befuddled til the end! Puzzle measures 23 x 29 when complete.

  • 1000-pc. puzzle based on top-rated TV show
  • Reveal evidence as you construct puzzle
  • Includes magnifying glass and glow-in-the-dark ink that that help you solve the crimes

Published By: BePuzzled

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