CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami

Inspired by the hit show on CBS, CSI: Miami gives players the opportunity to experience forensic investigation first hand. As a member of the South Florida team, CSI loyalists must use both cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes amid the steamy tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami.

  • Play as CSI: Miami personnel: CSI: Miami includes all of the show's characters and exclusive voice-over by the cast. Play as Horatio Caine, Calleigh Duquesne, Tim Speelde, Erik Delko, Medical Examiner Alexx Woods, Detective Yelina Salas or Valera in the lab.

  • Authentic storylines and scripts: Critically acclaimed CSI author Max Allan Collins wrote scripts and all five new cases, taking players to a virtual CSI: Miami crime scene. Cases include: human remains found in an alligator, a suspicious night club death, a deceased millionaire and a sex surrogate found dead on a yacht. Each tangled case weaves together to create a surprising conclusion.

  • Four CSI: Miami locations: Authentically reproduced from the set, CSI: Miami includes four interactive locations. Examine evidence in the crime lab, interview suspects in the interrogation room, sit-in on autopsies in the morgue, and follow-up on leads in the homicide detective's office.

  • Forensic reconstructions and re-enactments: Forensic reconstructions taken directly from archived CSI: Miami footage puts players 'in the show'. Re-enactment cut scenes graphically portray key events as they are uncovered by the player.

  • New "hands-on" puzzle assembly: More intimate interaction with the evidence, including re-assembling torn or broken evidence and deciphering encrypted information.

  • Customizable gameplay: Customizable gameplay options allow players to adjust settings to suit their skill level. Get help through a selectable 'hints' option that can help find hidden evidence and suggests the most suitable forensic tools for crime-solving.

  • Solve crimes using 15 tools: Use high-tech crime solving tools to find, gather and analyze evidence, including fingerprint powder, a magnifying scope, UV lights and DNA database comparisons.

Published By: Ubisoft
Requires: Windows 98 or later
For 1 players

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  • Game Over Online - This third CSI game seems a little bit tiredRating = 3.5 Stars
  • GameBoomersRating = 2.5 Stars
  • GameSpot - Traditional adventure fans will simply balk at its rudimentary mechanics and marginal difficultyRating = 3 Stars
  • GameSpy - This is adventure gaming for lazy gamers who don't mind being led around on a leashRating = 2 Stars
  • IGN - Will no doubt please fans of the series, but it's a little tiredRating = 3 Stars
  • Just Adventure - This game fails to deliver everything that it could haveRating = 2 Stars
  • metzomagic.comRating = 3.5 Stars

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