CSI: Dark Motives

CSI: Dark Motives

Truth always leaves a trace: A fingerprint... A bite mark... A human toe.

Team up with the entire cast of CSI and a new, improved crime lab to track down the heinous truth in five complex new crimes. No crime is ever perfect. Your job is to find the flaw.

  • Live the CSI Experience - Work in the field with the CSI team, featuring the actors, atmosphere, voices, and music from the hit TV show.

  • Wield the Latest Forensic Tools - Find the killers by using real-world forensic tools, such as fingerprint dusters, UV lights, a magnifying scope, and an enhanced microscope.

  • New Crimes to Tackle - Piece together the evidence behind five grisly new crimes.

  • New Expanded Crime Lab - Compare and match evidence in the improved crime lab, featuring in-depth evidence examination that will test your investigative skills.

Published By: Ubisoft
Requires: Windows XP or later
For 1 players

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  • Game Chronicles - The game and the show that inspired it complement each other perfectlyRating = 4.5 Stars
  • Game Over Online - If you like the idea of hanging out with the CSI team, Dark Motives can provide a weekend's worth of enjoymentRating = 4 Stars
  • GameBoomersRating = 2.5 Stars
  • Gamer's Hell - A very good game that really challenges your eyes as well as your mindRating = 4.5 Stars
  • GameSpot - Serious adventure gamers will find little use for Dark MotivesRating = 3 Stars
  • GameSpy - It's like stepping into the show and interacting with the castRating = 3 Stars
  • IGN - A must for anyone who enjoys CSI or point and click investigation titlesRating = 4 Stars
  • Just Adventure - One of those rare games where the sequel is better than the originalRating = 4 Stars
  • metzomagic.comRating = 3.5 Stars

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