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CSI Crime Game and Booster Pack #1

CSI Crime Game and Booster Pack #1

If you're ready for your next assignment, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Crime Game & Booster Pack #1 features three new captivating, original stories that can be played with the CSI Board Game or on their own with the "Custom CSI Crime Solving Die" included in the game.

CSI: Crime Game & Booster Pack #1 is a race to solve the crime in an exciting interactive environment combining cutting edge science with old-fashioned detective work.

In CSI: Crime Game & Booster Pack #1 you become your favorite character and experience the thrill of solving a crime, gathering evidence and formulating theories just as they do on this popular TV series. The object of the game is to be the first player to enter Grissom's Office with a correct Arrest Warrant proving Means, Motive and Opportunity.

Published By: Specialty Board Games
For 2 to 4 players

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Additional Information

What's inside the box?
  • 3 Crime stories
  • 27 Suspect & evidence cards per story
  • 9 disclosure cards
  • CSI handbook that includes crime scene descriptions, photos, solutions, rules and glossaries
  • Arrest warrant / Checklist pad
  • 12 sided die

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