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Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill

It's never the same game twice. As one of twelve mysterious characters, you'll explore a house filled with deadly secrets. As you play, you'll build the house. But beware! One of your fellow players will betray you. The traitor will test your sanity as you use all your skills to survive.

Each player chooses one of 12 mysterious characters to explore the house. When you enter a new room, you might find something, or something might find you! When an explorer triggers a haunt, one of the players will betray everyone else. That explorer becomes the traitor who will try to defeat all his former companions. The rest of the players are heroes who must struggle to survive. From that point on, the goal of each player is to complete your sides victory condition first, either as the traitor or the hero.

With fifty fiendish scenarios, Betrayal at House on the Hill puts you face-to-face with legendary monsters, modern nightmares ... and your friends.

Published By: Avalon Hill
For 3 to 6 players

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Additional Information

This Game Includes:

  • Secrets of Survival booklet
  • Traitor's Tome booklet
  • 45 Room Tiles
  • 6 Plastic Figures
  • 6 Double-Sided Character Cards
  • 80 Game Cards (Omen, Item, and Event Cards)
  • 291 Tokens
  • 30 Plastic Clips
  • 8 Dice
  • Turn/Damage Marker
  • Rulebook

Betrayal at House on the Hill won a 2004 Origins Award, the Gamers Choice Award for Best Board Game.


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