Chief Inspector Parker of Scotland Yard clung to the rail of the boat - and his lunch - as the vessel heaved in the storm surge. He could just make out the blob of a dark island ahead and the stony shape of Ravencourt Castle. Lord North Vandernot of Ravencourt Castle had died recently - very recently. His heiress was a young American named May Vandernot. And, according to the family solicitor, someone was trying to kill her.

Thanks to the storm he had barely had time to send in a call to the local constable requesting information and to hire the last possible boat out. In this adventuresome puzzler, travel with the Chief Inspector to Ravencourt to investigate 12 shady suspects and a castle full of booby trapped rooms to sniff out the would be murderer and incapacitate him until help arrives. Unravel the full mysteries of Ravencourt and the Vandernots in Adventure Mode, or simply solve increasingly challenging puzzles in Puzzle Mode. Betrapped features over 1400 mind bending puzzle levels, 37 spine-chilling adventure rooms, and a meta map to track your progress!

Deep in story and rich in graphic detail, BeTrapped is the perfect way to wile away a stormy night in your own castle.

Published By: Oberon Media
Requires: Windows 95 or later

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