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A future world of human misery, squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding, sets the tone for Android, a board game of murder and machination. Players take on the roles of one of five detectives, each with his own strengths, weaknesses, and personal demons. The detectives are:

  • Caprice Nisei, Psychic Clone
  • Floyd 2X3A7C, Doubting Bioroid
  • Louis Blane, Corrupt Cop
  • Rachel Beckmann, Estranged Bounty Hunter
  • Raymond Flint, Troubled Private Investigator
These detectives are given two weeks to to solve a mysterious murder case. They investigate the murder by traveling around the game map that represents the futuristic city of New Angeles, the moon colony of Heinlein, and the "Beanstalk", which is an elevator that stretches between the Earth and the moon. Along the way, players will follow up leads to discover evidence that can be used to convict the suspect who they believe is guilty. In addition, the detectives will have to deal with problems that come up in their personal lives. After the murderer has been revealed, Victory Points are tallied and the player who has best managed all of the tasks listed above will come out with the most and solve the mystery of Android!

Published By: Fantasy Flight Games
For 3 to 5 players

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Additional Information

Contents of Android:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Hero Sheets
  • 6 Murder Sheets
  • 6 Suspect Sheets
  • 210 Twilight Cards
  • 56 Plot Cards
  • 41 Event Cards
  • 12 Hunch Cards
  • 11 Special Cards
  • 24 Conspiracy Pieces
  • 6 Flying Car Calipers
  • 44 Favor Tokens
  • 24 NPC Favor Tokens
  • 5 Character Standies
  • 24 Character Markers
  • 10 Warrant Tokens
  • 12 Conspiracy Tokens
  • 11 Alibi Tokens
  • 60 Evidence Tokens
  • Rules of Play

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